Tahoe Yoga Shala (formerly Mountain Yoga) is a vibrant yoga shala in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of South Lake Tahoe, California.

The Sanskrit word shala translates as home or abode.  It can also mean the upper branch of a tree.  In order to grow an expansive canopy of branches, a strong trunk and deep root system is required.  At Tahoe Yoga Shala we believe that one's ability to expand and blossom is directly proportional to one's ability to gather and root.  This philosophy is reflected in our approach to the postures and breath techniques we practice and it is the platform upon which balanced and healthy lifestyle practices are founded and maintained.  Be it inhale-exhale, effort-relaxation or strength-flexibility, what may initially appear to be opposite and separate are actually one intricately woven whole.  This dynamic equilibrium offers endless opportunity for self-discovery and awakening at the level of the body, mind and spirit.  The Shala we aspires to be home in which students can take their attention inward in order to welcoming the full spectrum of sensations, emotions, thoughts and beliefs that arise in the body-mind.  It is through this process that yoga challenges us to transform as individuals while simultaneously reminding us of the commonality of our human experience. 

We are an eclectic yoga shala, offering a variety of methods with the aim of providing something for everyone.  Ongoing classes, series and workshops range from introductory to advanced in an attempt to truly adapt the practice to the unique individual and to make yoga accessible to all. The ultimate goal being self-sufficient students who are empowered through consistency, compassion and curiosity to direct their own practice.