Inversion Workshops with Hannah Greenstreet

Part I: Hone in on Headstands I July 15 I 12 -2pm 

This workshop will cover foundational techniques for safe and stable headstands. The class with feature a flow portion to get you centered and open before breaking down different techniques and variations to develop a solid headstand practice. By establishing a firm base, students will learn to defy gravity and turn their world upside down for a new perspective. Beginning/intermediate yoga experience recommended.    


Part II: Harness the Handstand Power I July 29 I 12 - 2pm

This workshop will delve into the dynamic areas needed to master handstands. Students will explore shoulder openers, balancing poses, and accessible strength-focused sequences to support approaching handstands with ease and confidence. Props, prep poses, and specific techniques will be outlined in-depth to assist all levels in getting upside down without becoming humpy dumpy. A well-seasoned headstand practice required. 

Individual Workshop I $30

Both Workshops I $50


Hannah brings an energetic and authentic style to her Vinyasa-style classes. She is dedicated to providing comprehensive, safe, and balanced classes, combining meditation techniques with both traditional and innovative asana postures. Her classes are crafted to create a space to help students increase intentionality, openness, and awareness with a fun, challenging, but accessible Vinyasa practice. As a childhood gymnast for over 14 years, Hannah completed her 200-hour training during her undergraduate career in Boulder, Colorado. From there, her passion for teaching blossomed and now she utilizes her background to bring yoga to all ages to help others discover flexibility, empowerment and connection.