March 1st - 31st

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In the Ashtanga Yoga method it is recommended that you practice six days a week. Traditionally these six days were meant to be done in what is know as the “Mysore Style.” Mysore Style offers individual instruction within a group setting; students follow the movement of their breath and through repetition gradually commit the sequence to memory. Memorizing the postures allows students to focus internally. Practicing six days a week is meant to develop the kind of mental, spiritual and devotional determination needed in order make progress along the internal path of Yoga. On a purely physical level, a six day a week practice is both advantageous and challenging. By performing the postures more regularly you will see results faster; building strength, stamina and flexibility at a far greater rate than if you were only to practice once or twice a week. 

Mysore Madness begins March 1st. To accept this challenge, purchase a membership of your choice or use your current membership. Students of all levels and backgrounds are welcome!

The student with the top attendance in Mysore Style Classes (Led Full Primary does not qualify as Mysore) for the month of March wins a $75 gift certificate to the Shala!