Feel it Fully and Let it Go

Yoga in Times of Grief

with Yoga Mama Gina

May 19 | 12 - 2 pm | $40 advance/$50 day of

When grief has hit me I have found myself finding solace on my worn out yoga mat. The physical practice helps move physical energy, my meditation practice with mantra, mandalas and yantras helps me surrender and be free of those dark demons in my head otherwise known as should of, could of and would of.  The Yoga Sutras and pranayama allow my mind to surrender on a even deeper emotional level.  All these practices have helped me to feel the grief and let it go! I’m not holding this icky energy stagnate.  I allow energy to flow all around me and through me!  As energy flows like water it balances and heels.  Join me in exploring a creative, artist, Yogic practice I call “feel it and let it go! “  Yoga sutra books recommended, art supplies and unconditional love provided.

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