Hanuman Chalisa

Every Tuesday between the two morning classes the Tahoe Yoga Shala community gathers to sing the forty verses of the Hanuman Chalisa by Tulsidas, the great sixteenth century poet. The Chalisa is a devotional song that recounts and praises the life and exploits of the Great Monkey Hero, Hanuman. Tuesday is considered Hanuman's Day because it is said that he was born on the full moon of Chitra (March/April) which sets his birthdate on a Tuesday.  Further, in Vedic Astrology, Tuesdays are associated with conflict and accidents because it is governed by the malefic planet, Mars.  On Tuesdays, we may feel more fiery than normal and it is advised to channel this Martian energy into our yoga practice. Hanuman represents the ability to transform this primal energy into tejas - radiance, strength, courage and penetrating insight.  The forty verses of the Hanuman Chalisa is traditionally sung on Tuesday to invoke his qualities of strength, intelligence and devotion.  If ever there were a single deity representing devotion, it is Lord Hanuman.  Hanuman dwells in the heart and thus chanting the Chalisa has powerful heart-opening capabilities.  All are welcome!  Join us at the Shala every Tuesday at 9:15 a.m.

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Hanuman Chalisa Translation

Having polished the mirror of my heart with the dust of my teacher's feet, I narrate the pure fame of Raghupati (Rama), who bestows the four fruits of life - dharma, kama, artha, moksha. 

Knowing myself to be devoid of intelligence, I invoke Sri Hanuman, the son of the wind. Grant me strength, intelligence and wisdom and remove my shortcomings and sorrows. 

1. Hail Hanuman, ocean of wisdom. Hail Monkey Lord! You light up the three worlds.

2. You are Ram's messenger, the abode of matchless power. Anjani's son, "Son of the Wind."

3. Great hero, you are a mighty thunderbolt. Remover of evil thoughts and companion of the good.

4. Golden hued and splendidly adorned with heavy earrings and curly locks.

5. In your hands shine a mace and a banner.  A sacred thread adorns your shoulder.

6. You are an incarnation of Shiva and Kesari's son. Your glory is revered throughout the world. 

7. You are the wisest of the wise, virtuous and clever.  Ever eager to do Ram's work.

8. You delight in hearing of the Lord's deeds.  Ram, Lakshman and Sita dwell in your heart.

9. Assuming a tiny form you appeared to Sita.  In an awesome form your burned Lanka.

10. Taking a dreadful form you slaughtered the demons, completing Ram's work.

11. Bringing the magic herb your revived Lakshman. Sri Ram embraced you with delight.

12. The Lord of the Raghus praised your greatly, "You are as dear to me as my brother Bharat!"

13. "Thousands of mouths will sing your fame!" So saying, Lakshmi's Lord drew you to himself.

14. Sanak and the sages, Brahma, and the munis, Narada, Sarasvati and the King of Serpents,

15. Yama, Kubera, the guardians of the four quarters, poets and scholars - none can express your glory. 

16. You did great service for Sugriva. Bringing him to Ram, you gave him kingship.

17. Vibhishana heeded your counsel. He became Lord of Lanka, as the whole world knows.

18. Though the sun is millions of miles away, you swallowed it thinking it a sweet fruit.

19. Holding the Lord's ring in your mouth, it is no surprise you leapt over the ocean.

20. Every difficult task in this world becomes easy by your grace.

21. You are the guardian at Ram's door. No one enters without your permission.

22. Those who take refuge in you find all happiness. Those who you protect know no fear.

23. You alone can withstand your own splendor.  The three worlds tremble at your roar.

24. Ghosts and goblins cannot come near, Great Hero, when your name is called.

25. All disease and pain are eradicated by constantly repeating your name, brave Hanuman.

26. Hanuman, you release from affliction all those who remember you in thought, word and deed.

27. Ram, the ascetic King, reigns over all but you carry out all his work.

28. One who comes to you with any yearning obtains the abundance of the Four Fruits of Life.

29. Your splendor fills the four ages.  Your glory is renowned throughout the world.

30. You are the guardian of saints and sages, the destroyer of demons and the darling of Ram.

31. You grant the eight powers and nine treasures by the boon your received from Mother Janaki.

32. You hold the elixir of Ram's name and remain eternally his servant.

33. Singing your praise, one finds Ram and the sorrows of countless lives are destroyed.

34. At death one goes to Ram's own abode, born there as God's devotee.

35. Why worship any other deity when from Hanuman you get all happiness.

36. All affliction ceases and all pain is removed for those who remember the mighty hero, Hanuman.

37.  Victory, Victory, Victory Lord Hanuman! Bestow your grace on me as my Guru!

38. Whoever recites this a hundred times is released from bondage and gains bliss.

39. One who reads this Hanuman Chalisa gains success, as Gauri's Lord is witness.

40. Says Tulsidas, who always remains Hari's servant.

Son of the Wind, destroyer of sorrow, embodiment of blessings. With Ram, Lakshman and Sita, LIVE IN MY HEART, King of Gods!