Keep Calm and Arrive On Time


The Tahoe Yoga Shala is committed to creating a culture of mindfulness through the practice of yoga posture and philosophy.  The yoga method includes eight essential practices or limbs as listed in the "Yoga Sutras of Patanjali." The first wrung on this ladder is yama, universal disciplines, of which there are five.  Asteya, non-stealing, is the third universal discipline.  Recently, teachers and students alike have expressed a need for mindfulness around the importance of arriving for class on time - i.e. at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.  Consistently arriving late to class is a distraction that takes away from the experience of the students who arrive on time.  Yoga philosophy maintains that tardiness steals the time and energy of yourself and others.  If the ultimate goal of yoga is mind control then becoming aware of unconscious patterns is an opportunity to awaken to the habits of conditioned existence.  Seeing clearly requires consistent effort over a long period of time with devotion to the truth.  Practice is the willingness to return again and again to the chosen point of focus, in this case, alignment with one’s highest Self.  The heat generated by the conscious choice to strike out on a new path of thought, word or deed creates the sacred fire in which transformation occurs.

Of course, we understand that from time to time life - traffic, work, family, weather - happens. The opportunity for growth lies in a perpetual lateness that may extend beyond your yogalife into other areas of life as well. We support you in making it safely to class, even if once in a super blue blood moon you are a few minutes late. 

If you do happen to arrive late, as a courtesy to your fellow yogis…

1). Take a moment to come to a full stop, take a few deep breaths and gather your energy.

2). Wait until the opening meditation is complete and movement begins to enter the room.

3). Enter the room, open your mat and get settled slowly and quietly.

Other mindfulness practices include promptly exiting the practice space to make way for the students coming in for the next class and speaking quietly while waiting in the lobby for the previous class to end as a courtesy to any students who may be in final relaxation.

As a part of the Shala’s mission to provide a learning environment, you can expect additional reminders and tools in the form of signage, electronic newsletter, social media and blog posts to help you “keep calm and arrive on time.”  Integrity, service and leadership are just a few of the Shala’s core values and aspirations.  The Shala and its community of teachers reaffirm its commitment to respecting the time of all of its members by honoring our agreement to begin and end our classes on time.