Donation Class for The Trini Foundation

Trini Foundation | Taylor hunt |

Trini Foundation | Taylor hunt |

In the months of September and October, the Shala's donation based classes will benefit The Trini Foundation. Support the work of this foundation by attending Laura’s weekly by donation class. (cash or check only please)

Ashtanga Improv: All-Levels on Sunday at 5:30 pm

The Trini Foundation is dedicated to teaching the transformational practice of Ashtanga yoga to individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Their mission is to provide yoga as a tool to aide in the recovery process and help those who are suffering maintain long-term sobriety. Donations go directly toward teaching yoga classes in treatment centers and providing tuition scholarships for individuals in recovery to practice at yoga studios across the country. 

Some of the programs that the Trini Foundation offers:

Scholarship Program

Through the scholarship program, the Trini Foundation offers tuition assistance at yoga studios around the country to individuals in recovery from addiction, and other economically disadvantaged individuals. 

Treatment Center Classes

The Trini Foundation works with treatment centers and other recovery programs to bring the healing practice of Ashtanga yoga to those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Yoga in Underserved Communities

Trini Foundation strives to reach a diverse group of people by bringing Ashtanga yoga to other underserved or high-risk populations such as prevention services for delinquent youth and community programs.

Yoga in Prisons & Alternative Treatment Programs

The Trini Foundation supports the rehabilitation process of incarcerated individuals by teaching Ashtanga yoga in prisons, halfway houses, and alternative treatment programs. 

Ashtanga and Addiction Forum

Ashtanga Yoga Columbus, in conjunction with the Trini Foundation, offers a series of workshops that allow teachers to effectively share Ashtanga yoga in the communities we serve.

Outreach Programs and Cooperation with the Professional Community

The Trini Foundation participates in community awareness and outreach programs.

Donate directly or find out more about the programs The Trini Foundation offers on their website